Grand Opening Day!

Hello World!

We are super excited to open our virtual doors!  We are open!

So, we have been working on securing more inventory.  Even though we are still establishing a sound method for entering our inventory into  If you do not find what you are looking for, just send us an e-mail or call us.  We will find something for you.  If you are looking for matching diamonds, we got you covered there as well.

Now that you seem committed to reading this, let's get real.

We have been in the diamond industry for generations.  As in, our parents were jewelers, or diamond dealers, or diamond cutters, or jewelry store/boutique/salon/shop owners, designers, and our grandparents were as well.  It is almost as if this is all we know, selling diamonds and jewelry.  When our grandparents were doing this, it could be said that times were simpler then.  They were the go to people for jewelry.  There were not a lot of options, and it was fairly straightforward.  Something happened when our parents were running things.  Time started to shift how things were done, with whom, why, and how even.  Understandably, because this shift was so subtle, our parents may have recognized it, but could not clearly identify it.  It was something brewing underground.  We show up, and start jumping around with all our fancy ideas, and stuff.  Our parents pat us on our heads and tell us how cute we are, with all of our ten days of experience and forty years of ideas.  And then our parents began to see more clearly what that unknown was all those years.  They began to see that indeed, times have changed.  They talked with gramps, they talked with peers, they talked amongst each other.  They eventually talked with us.  :)

And was born.

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