Certified Pre-Owned High Quality Watches

Some of our Clients asked us about Cartier and Rolex watches.  If you have been following us you may know that we are a collection of independent jewelry store owners and diamond dealers who have been in the industry for generations.  So, when we receive questions like, "Can you get me a Rolex?"  Our answer is:

"Yes!  Yes we can provide you with your Rolex, or Cartier if you would rather."

Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers a lot of the common, or, go figure, frequently asked questions about the Certified Pre-owned watches that we sell.  We highly recommend you visit that page for some solid no nonsense answers.  If you have any other questions, please reach out to us.

Since these watches are Certified Pre-owned, when you purchase a watch, we will go through the available inventory to find your perfect watch.  We have wonderful suppliers of Certified Pre-owned Cartier's and Rolex's that we can lean on to make sure your wait is minimal.  We make sure everything is still exactly as it should be, and we send you your watch.  We have not really asked this in the past, but it seems our Clients are so excited to receive their items that they tend to call us or e-mail us to let us know how happy they are to receive them.  No pressure here, but seriously, we do love to hear back from our Clients.

We are actually excited to be able to start offering Cartier and Rolex watches on this website, and are looking forward to growing the community of watch lovers around the globe.

In the meantime, check out the current watches we have available by visiting our Watches collection.

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