We are a group of diamond sellers and jewelers who have decided to offer the best prices on diamonds and jewelry. All our loose diamonds are GIA Certified.


Diamond Rex

Generations of Jewelers

If we include paying our kids to help around the shop, we are four generations deep into the jewelry industry. If you want to be the kind of person who dismisses children, and be a horrible monster, then fine, for three generations we have dedicated ourselves to jewelry. Now, we are merging our efforts and creating this new thing, on the line. ;)

Dinosaurs Are Awesome!

Just in case you have not figured this out yet, "Rex" is latin for "King." And, uh, we are "Diamond Rex." Get it?

Can You Tell We Like Dinosaurs?

Our brand story is that we believe we can dominate our industry because we are offering a great product, and top-notch service at what are quite honestly awesome prices.

Blog Posts

Certified Pre-Owned High Quality Watches

Certified Pre-Owned High Quality Watches

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Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry Appraisals

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Seeking A Flawless Victory

Seeking A Flawless Victory

When diamonds are naturally formed inside the earth, there is no quality control.  The diamond grows in various phases, where the conditions have t...